NOPRIT group is the first and foremost health-care company that is producing highly standardized hair products.
With the help of our scientific group and their 20 years of experience in this field, we are proud to announce that we have used a new formulation in our products for better health care for our consumers.

Unlike other similar products, ours are Sulfate-free (for dry hair) and SLES free. Additionally, our products for greasy hair contain Zymo Hair Enzyme, which is made and produced by European countries, for deep cleansing and less bad odor of greasy hair on the skin.

Most used hair masks, containing DIMETHICONE, PHENYLTRIMETHICONE, CYCLOMETHICON, and Pentocyloxan that normally make the hair stylish and softer make a Build up on hair as well as hair fall in long term use.
Oppositely, we offer Shampoo, Hair Mask, and Hair Milk with No Build up effect in Iran.

All in all, not only all ingredients that are used in our products are European, not Chinese or Indian, but also are perfect.